Toolbox Art Gallery is offering a Summer Art Camp for children between the age of 12 – 18. For the average student, summer is a time for binging latest TV shows, streaming music, and robotically going trough their Instagram feeds, all while doodling on whatever blank space is nearest. But for some ambitious students, summer is an opportunity to learn to draw in an actual studio space, to create their own artwork, and learn from a world-renowned artist. It’s for these ambitious students that we created this pre-college summer arts program for middle and high school students.  Our program is a guarantee for a fun, creative, and art-filled summer for your child.

Campers of all artistic experience are welcome! Explore the exciting world of painting using a variety of techniques that include color blending, layering of images, inventive textural treatments, and more as you create a beautiful series of paintings.  We will work from a variety of sources for subject matter including still life, landscape, abstract motifs, and patterns. We will also look at various artists’ prints including Impressionist, Modernist and contemporary art sources for inspiration.


Toolbox Art Camp offers a variety of structured, progressive, short term-based courses for children. Each of our class curriculum are carefully crafted to provide continual challenge and variety to keep the projects interesting and allow the opportunity to introduce new skills and techniques, while always emphasizing fun and accomplishment as students progress.

Art Introduction – Children are active learners, and making art is an activity that expands imaginations and exercises creativity. It develops the control and eye/hand coordination, and sharpens children’s powers of observation. Our Art Beginning will introduce children to learn about colors, gain an understanding of composition, balance, and symmetry and learn how to work independently as well as how to function as part of group.

Course Details:

Each course includes two weeks of art camp. Introductions to still life and new mediums are part of the curriculum. We place an emphasis on developing observational skills and critiquing of work, while preparing students for more independence for their next level work. 

First week
Drawing/Painting – Level 1. Children will learn the fundamentals of art – color, line, shape, form and texture – by painting and drawing, making collages and fashioning three-dimensional objects out of modeling material.

Modeling Clay Art – Level 1. Modeling Clay is an air dry polymer clay. Environmentally safe & easy to use, Modeling with Clay is great for all ages. Using this material allows for projects to made & taken home the same day.

Second week
Drawing/Painting – Level 2.
The young artists will be introduce to a variety of different techniques:


Modeling Clay/Art 2. An air-dry polymer clay. This clay is used to create a wide range of objects, bookmarks, figurines, & more. Easy to use, quick results, and a great medium to learn about sculpting.

Pre-College Portfolio Work
Students will have at least two finished portfolio drawings by the end of the two weeks and parents and families are encouraged to attend the closing ceremony on Friday after the camp. During lunch, guest artists will be invited to speak to the students. Stay tuned for all the details.


Pricing and Dates

June 24 – July 8 (2 weeks – Monday though Friday –  9AM to 5PM) – $1,950.00

July 15 – July 29 (2 weeks – Monday though Friday –  9AM to 5PM) – $1,950.00

Early Birds: Sign up before March 31 and pay $1,750.00


Launch brake will be between 12:30PM and 1:30PM.
We can provide launch for an additional fee of $200.00 for the 2 weeks camp.