C5r1uLu_6K99O0c9lqtUI0tZ5Tc1LOvIFXMaJQD45sA,Vis9KpY59EkoqABTRAqjC2W4PNpfo9cKc2d-RH0Qgp0,7X0BUkWN5UoSvuQqg8KN15N7qKV0ZmvDVhsGmj2W33UIrina Batchelor is the event manager and coordinator at Toolbox.

Born and raised in Bulgaria, it’s love what brought her to Washington D.C.
She’s a New Bulgarian University graduate and has organized hundreds of events all over Europe, including shows of world renowned artists.
Wedding planning is her passion, and she gets inspired by every couple’s energy and story. Newlywed herself, she can relate to every bride’s need. Irina guides all our clients through the whole process of organizing their event. She will put you in touch with the right vendors, help you come up with unique decoration and always have a creative idea in her back pocket to make your event on of a kind.