Kiril Jeliazkov is bom in 1977 in Yambol , Bulgaria. He graduates a Fine Art High
School. In 1997 he is accepted in the Fine Art Academy in Sofia, Bulgaria, and in 1999
was accepted with full Presidential Scholarship in Savannah College of Art and
Design, Savannah, Georgia USA
More than year away from home Kiril develops as a fine art artist looking to create his
own mark in the art world. He travels in dififerent countries to explore and paint the variety
of cultures. In 2001 he leaves to go to Kenya , Africa where for fifty days on his canvases
he depicts the colors and the mystic of Kenya . Shortly after that he goes to Turkey, Italy,
Spain and Brazil. He goes back to USA with a rich collection of paintings, and shows the
society the difference in the cultures though his canvases.
Kiril Jeliazkov participates in many different exhibitions in Bulgaria , Europe and USA. He
wins many prices. One of them is in 2002, he wins a studio in Manhattan, New York for
months where he paint among the artistic elite in New York . One of his best
achievements was in 19 of March 2003 in the Building of the United Nation in Manhattan;
he represents Bulgaria in a common exhibition with 50 different artists from 50 different
Every step of Kiril’s artistic and spiritual growth brings him closer to create his own unique
mark in the art world. In 2006 he presents to the world his first large scale project “The
Orange Step”. The project represents a composition of 128 large-scale canvases each of
them is 22 feet high by 11 feet wide. The project is created with the idea that the Art is for
everyone and this is why its gallery is the perfect nature. The first exhibition of the proiect
hold place in September 2006, Bulgaria the national park the city of Yambol. The
second exhibition of the project was in Forsyth Park, Savannah, Georgia.
The third was installed in Palm Beach , PGA Honda Classic in 2008. In 2013
The Tiburon San Francisco, CA Exhibition took place. Kiril Jeliazkov completes his BFA
and MFA in painting at Savannah College of Art and Design in 2007. For the past five years
he has been living and creating art in Washington, DC.

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